The salary for a consultant pharmacist

Consultant pharmacists are specialised pharmacists who work mostly in various chemists and general hospitals. They advise customers on the medicine use and dosage, design health plans, fill out insurance paperwork and consult patients on medical devices. One usually needs to have a PhD degree and a license to become a consultant pharmacist. Working hours for a pharmacist depend on the operating hours of the employer, and might include nights and weekends. The average salary depends on the employer and the location.

Average Salary

The average salary of a consultant pharmacist was £69,309 a year in 2009, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). The top-paid pharmacists made £87,288 a year on average or more, while the lowest-paid category earned around £51,525 a year. Those professionals in the median had an average annual salary of about £70,967.

Biggest Employers

The BLS reports that in 2009 stores selling medicine and general hospitals employed the largest numbers of consulting pharmacists, 119,150 and 57,230, respectively. The average salaries by these employers averaged from £69,036 to £70,076 a year. Other large employers, with annual mean wages ranging from £68,328 to £71,123, included grocery, department, and general stores with pharmacy departments.

Top-Paying Industries

The BLS reports that in 2009 companies providing management and scientific services paid top-dollar salaries to consulting pharmacists, who averaged £75,861 a year. Mental health and rehab hospitals were next, with an annual mean wage of £74,477 a year. Insurance companies, company management enterprises and employment search firms were very close, with average salaries ranging from £71,812 to £72,403 a year.

Highest-Paying Locations

California was the top-paying state for consulting pharmacists, with an annual mean wage of £76,102 a year as of 2009, according to the BLS. Santa Barbara, Modesto and Santa Cruz in California paid salaries higher than the state average, £91,435, £88,107, and £87,392 a year, respectively. Other high-paying states, such as Maine, Alabama, Minnesota, and Alaska paid annual mean wages ranging from £73,749 to £75,244. Gadsden, Alabama, was also on the list of the top-paying cities, with an average salary of £84,526 a year.

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