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Sample of a Sales Assistant Job Description

A sample job description for a sales assistant provides companies with the opportunity to review the relevant skills required for the job and develop their own job description based on the specific needs of their organisation. A sample job description is also useful for sales assistants on the job hunt - reviewing a job description is useful when preparing your resume or getting ready for an interview.

Relationship Management

A sales assistant supports sales associates and senior members of the team, such as a sales manager or vice president, in managing relationships. Typically a sales assistant will not deal with major clients or accounts on their own. However, they will be involved as part of a team and typically do help manage existing customer relationships. Completing service calls, providing follow-up support and acting as a liaison between sales and service staff and the client is an appropriate role for a sales assistant.

Training and Product Familiarization

An entry-level job like a sales assistant will require ongoing training. Although in any career or field ongoing professional development is necessary, as a new hire in an organisation, learning about products and services is essential. The sales assistant will spend time learning about the lines of business as they relate to sales and developing knowledge of the corporate sales strategy.

Administrative Work

Sales assistants complete paperwork and organise important documents on behalf of other members of the team. They submit paperwork to senior management for approval for most items. They also complete filing assignments, conduct sales-focused research and answer phone calls on behalf of the sales team.


Sales assistants coordinate in-house promotions. They work with contest winners, source prizes internally and have promotions approved by senior members of the team. They are also responsible for logistics such as making ballots, setting up ballot boxes or setting up social media contests, such as Facebook contests.