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How to Sell Used Toys

Selling children's toys is one alternative to trashing or donating them.

Used toys that are in good condition can be purchased for a fraction of what you would pay new ones. In addition to the traditional sales avenues like garage sales and consignment stores, the Internet presents new options, such as auction or e-commerce sites as well as trading networks.

Gather any toys your child no longer uses or that you'd like to sell. Make sure the toys are in good condition. Normal wear and tear is fine, but don't include broken or non-functioning toys. You can do this by choosing toys that are in good condition but no longer age-appropriate for your child. Items in great condition are more likely to sell.

Clean the toys. Use mild antibacterial soap and water. For stuffed animals and fabric toys, check the tags for cleaning instructions. Separate toys by the age they're geared toward. Check that toys and games have all of their necessary parts. If there are small or loose parts, place them in a small bag. Place the toys in bags, laundry baskets or boxes to transport.

Decide where you'd like to sell the toys. You can have a garage sale, which would eliminate having to transport the toys or post pictures of them online. However, you may not get as much as you would selling them other places. You can put the toys for sale on eBay. With this site, the buyer pays the shipping (unless you'd like to offer free shipping, which is an enticing offer for some customers), but you do have to take care of properly packing and shipping items as well as listing them correctly. Many parents sell and trade with local consignment stores. Stores will typically examine your items, give a their estimated prices for your toys and give you a certain percentage of that price that would be paid upfront. Usually, consignment stores pay a smaller percentage in cash than they do in store credit. This option works when you need quick cash or would like to trade for other toys or children's supplies.

Join an online trading site, like You can create a free account and post photos of items you have for trade. Other mamas offer a wide range of items for trade, from baby gear to fashion wear for mom.

When you ship your toys, package and send them with care. Send an invoice to your customer, itemising what she purchased. Ensure the consumer receives the shipment in a timely manner. Don't forget to thank your customer for her business. If using eBay or a trading site, ask for feedback or transaction ratings.


Check out local consignment stores or eBay for similar toys to the ones you're selling. Knowing what people are paying will give you an idea of optimal pricing.

Things Needed

  • Boxes
  • Computer with Internet connection
  • Phone
  • Phone book
  • Digital camera (optional)