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How to Fill Out a Deposit Slip

If you have cash or checks that you need to deposit into your bank account you cannot just walk up to the teller and hand over the money. You must first fill out a deposit slip. The same goes for deposits in ATM machines.

Fill out your name and address on the deposit slip. If you are using a preprinted slip that came with your checks then this information will already be on the slip.

Write the date you are making the deposit on the line that says "Date."

Fill in your bank account number on the line that says "Account Number." If you are using a preprinted deposit slip your account number will be shown on the bottom of the deposit slip.

Write the total amount of cash you are depositing on the "Cash" line.

Write the amount of each check you are depositing on the individual check lines. If you have more than four checks you may need to turn the deposit slip over and continue on the back.

Write down the total of all the cash and checks you are depositing on the "Subtotal" line.

If you are using a teller and want to receive cash back from your deposit, enter the amount on the line that says "Less Cash Received." Next look under your name and address and sign the line where it says "Sign Here Only If Cash Received From Deposit"

Enter the total you are depositing on the "Total" line. Find this by subtracting your subtotal from the cash you are receiving back.


  • Write as neatly as possible on your deposit slip. Endorse all of your checks before you deposit them. Either sign the back of the check and write your account number under it; or write "For Deposit Only" and then your account number.


  • Do not endorse any checks unless you are immediately going to the bank. If you sign the check and it's lost or stolen anyone can cash it.