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Social worker assistant job description

Social worker assistants support social workers by handling administrative duties and assisting them in ways that allow them to concentrate on dealing with their clients. According to Prospects, the duties of a social worker assistant will vary from position to position.


According to Prospects, social worker assistants are found wherever social workers work--in hospitals, nursing homes and community centres.


Duties of a social worker assistant include setting up appointments with clients, keeping accurate client records and billing.


Some social worker assistants record client histories, helping assess what type of assistance the client needs. Some assistants also work in groups, working with other health care professionals to help gather a complete picture on a client.


According to Prospects, social worker assistants sometimes serve as liaison to relatives and colleagues of the social worker's clients, keeping them abreast of progress.


A social worker assistant works with a wide variety of patients from children to senior citizens. Some clients may have mental or health problems, making the job challenging and in some cases emotionally taxing.


According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary of a social worker assistant was £17,732 in 2008.