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Top 10 hardest jobs to fill

Whether the economy is booming or facing a recession, there are always jobs that are harder to fill than others. According to Forbes Magazine, skilled worker jobs with specific niches in their particular industry are typically the hardest jobs for employers to fill. Knowing which jobs are typically in desperate need of workers can make it easier for you to determine your own career path.


were the hardest jobs to fill in America in 2008 and 2009. According to Manpower, engineering positions are the hardest jobs to fill because employers want engineers who are qualified in multiple specialities, as opposed to engineers with only one speciality. This is also because there are not enough students graduating from university with degrees in engineering to replace retiring engineers currently working in the field.


Nurses are always needed, as people are always getting sick. As the population increases, so does the need for more and more nurses in the medical field, and there simply are not enough students entering into nursing school to keep up with the demand.

Skilled trades

Skilled trades, such as plumbers, electricians and bricklayers are constantly in need of workers and are difficult spots to fill. As more high school graduates are turning to four year colleges over trade schools, there simply are not enough new skilled trade workers entering the industry.


Schools have a hard time finding qualified teachers, as there are not enough college graduates pursuing careers in education. Forbes Magazine states that a low salary is one factor that prevents many graduates from pursuing a career as a teacher.

Sales representative

In a struggling economy, sale representatives play a vital role in keeping a company alive, as it is their sole duty to bring customers to the business. This job is hard to fill as there is a lot of training involved in teaching people to become skilled and successful sales representatives.


Technicians in support of engineering, maintenance and technical fields are similar to skilled trade workers, as they learn their trade through a vocational school instead of a four year college. As more students attend universities, technician positions are increasingly harder to fill.

Truck driver

Truck driver positions are difficult to fill, as many people simply cannot handle the type of life this job demands. Being a truck driver requires long hours of driving alone and forces workers to spend a great deal of time away from their families.

Information technology staff

This job is in higher demand as technological advances occur, because these workers are an essential part of the work force. While people are familiar with using computers and other technological devices, many do not understand how they work or how to fix them. This leads to a major shortage of qualified employees in the field.

Construction workers

It is hard to fill construction jobs and those requiring labourers. Many people stay away from this career choice because of the long, strenuous hours and the low pay.


Mechanics are becoming increasingly hard to find for the same reasons as other skilled trades. With more students choosing to obtain degrees instead of vocational certifications, there simply are not enough new mechanics entering the field as existing mechanics retire.