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Top 10 least stressful jobs

The top ten least stressful jobs share common attributes.

In each position, the employee perceives greater internal control in performing assignments, and the job market is relatively secure. During periods of recession and increased workload, employees are assured the situation is temporary. The ability to plan, problem solve and work at home are key components of a job free from lots of stress.


A mathematician is a valued team member in any organisation, according to the Wall Street Journal. A mathematician develops algorithms and writes and tests computer models in a variety of work settings. A bachelor's degree is required. As of 2014, the average graduate salary is £24,259 and for non-graduates it's £15,582, according to the Complete University Guide.


An actuary calculates the probability of financial loss to an organisation due to employee illness, property loss, unfunded liability for retirement accounts and related financial impacts. A bachelor's degree is required, and actuaries can expect to earn £50,198 annually, according to the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries.

Computer software engineer

Computer software engineers rank within the top three least stressful jobs.

Computer software engineers with training in 2D/3D computer vision and image processing are in high demand.

A bachelor's degree is required, and advanced training is required in speciality areas. A computer software engineer earns around £31,500 annually on average, as of 2014.

Project inspector

A project inspector's job involves inspecting construction to ensure procedures and materials comply with specifications and plans.

Generally, a two-year technical degree is required. The median annual salary range is £14,534 to £31,665, with a median at £18,929, according to Payscale.

Sales manager

A sales manager enjoys managing others, reaping the rewards of finalising a deal and selling products.

Generally, a degree is not required, but experience is absolutely necessary. Sales managers earn a median salary of £59,154 annually.

Environmental scientist

Environmental scientists work on solutions for pollution in a variety of contexts.

Environmental scientists have a wide range of work place options. A bachelor's degree is required in environmental science. Jobs in the energy sector are in high demand. Environmental scientists earn a median of £25,403 per year, but the upper end of median earning range is over £40,000 per year.

Educational/training consultant

The educational/training consultant provides training to corporate employees, teachers and public sector employees.

Generally, the consultant has a master's degree and extensive experience in a specific field. Educational/training consultants earn a median salary of £29,306, as of June 2014.

Computer systems analyst

Computer systems analysts use IT tools to assist organisations of all sizes to design, implement and update their computer systems.

The position is ranked as low stress because of relative independence in completing assignments.

Generally, a bachelor's degree is the minimum requirement with more complex jobs requiring a master's degree. Computer systems analysts earn a mean annual salary of £42,500, according to IT Jobs Watch.

Technical writer

A technical writer transforms technical jargon into understandable language for consumer and business products. The technical writer is in high demand for writing product manuals, instructions and related business materials. A bachelor's degree is generally required.

A two-year certificate may satisfy the minimum requirements for the job. The median salary for technical writers is £27,136, according to Payscale.

Occupational therapist

An occupational therapist works with injured and impaired clients to provide quality of life skills and training.

Physical therapists are in high demand in the military, hospitals and clinics.

A combination of on-the-job training and a bachelor's degree is required. The median salary is £24,775, according to Payscale.