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The Top Ten Most Sought After Jobs

In these tough economic times, many jobs are sought after. The jobs people seek are dependent on their skills, interests and area in which they live. The most sought after jobs pay well, offer good benefits and offer growth opportunities.

Several companies conduct surveys to find out which jobs are the best according to a variety of parameters. Some lists of best jobs create great enthusiasm among job seekers that they become the some of the most sought after jobs in the United States.

List 1

In 2010, the CNN Money website reported that Money and teamed up to create a best jobs list based upon "great pay, work that's satisfying and big growth opportunities." These jobs include software architect, physician assistant, management consultant, physical therapist, environmental engineer, civil engineer, database administrator, sales director, certified public accountant and biomedical engineer.

List 2 rounded up the most sought after jobs in 2011 by considering "work environment, physical demands, outlook, income and stress." They found that many of the top jobs consisted of working with numbers and computers. They are software engineer, mathematician, statistician, computer system analyst, meteorologist, biologist, historian, audiologist and dental hygienist.

List 3

Baby-boomers affected the rankings on the survey at U.S. News & World Report website because of their increasing health care needs. They reported the 50 best careers of 2011 by placing the sought after jobs in the following categories: business; creative and service; health care; social service and technology. Each category has between 8 and 13 jobs. On top in the health care category -- massage therapists because of the expected job growth in the field. They based their findings on "job-growth projections, salary data, and other factors like job satisfaction."

List 4

The weak employment situation in the United States has people seeking jobs where there aren't too many applicants. These jobs don't pay as much because salary isn't a factor in the results of the survey. The Monster website listed the 10 hardest jobs to fill according to the Manpower agency as sales reps, nurses, technicians, restaurant and hotel workers, managers, doctors, engineers, customer service reps, skilled tradespeople and drivers.