How to find unregistered land

Unregistered land refers to land whose details have not been formally registered with the state land registry. According to PRLog, unregistered land in the United Kingdom makes up about one-third of total land resources, especially in England and Wales. In accordance with the UK land registry, the owner of an unregistered property may possess ownership documents. However, a lack of public record of the property information with the land registry defines the property as officially unregistered.

Identify the geographical location of the property. This paves the way for establishment of appropriate sources of information on the property. The process of finding unregistered land in Wales, for example, may differ slightly from that in the Republic of Northern Ireland. According to Land Registers of Northern Ireland, you may find information on unregistered land in England and Wales at the Land Registry. In the Republic of Northern Ireland, try the Registry of Deeds under Ireland's Land Registry.

Contact the Land Registry. You may need to visit the appropriate Land Registry office in person if you find the information on the Land Registry website limited.

Fill out an official search application form. The Land Registry requires the application form -- which you will find on the Land Registry website or may request from a Land Registry office -- in order to allow you to utilise Land Registry resources in finding unregistered land.

Use deeds and maps. The Registry of Deeds may provide essential information on the unregistered land. To narrow your search using registry deeds, be prepared with owner identification details and previous ownership history. Use registry maps to identify or confirm the location of the unregistered land and to learn additional details of the unregistered land.

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Things Needed

  • Registry map
  • Registry deeds
  • Estate records
  • Land title deed(s)
  • Birth, marriage or death certificate
  • Grants of probate or letters of administration
  • Official search application letter

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