Unregistered land in the United Kingdom is not registered with the Land Registry. While the property is listed as existing, there is no information about the property--including who owns it. About 65 per cent of the land in England and Wales is registered, leaving about one-third unregistered.

Determine where in the United Kingdom you want to find unregistered land. Keep in mind that unregistered land does not mean it does not have an owner. All the land in the UK is owned by someone--including wasteland, scrub land and disused land. The Land Registry made it compulsory to register land in England and Wales in 1990; however, only land sold or conveyed has been registered. Land that has had the same owner since 1990 may not have been registered.

Visit the Land Registry website (there is a link in the Resources section) and enter the postcode or address of the area you want to check, then click "Search."

Search by looking through the maps. They will give you a broader view, allowing you to see all of the properties in the area and identify the ones that are unregistered.


Before you try to take over unregistered property, make sure you find the owner and obtain it legally.