How to write an audit memo

Planning an audit within a company or organisation takes time and effort. You'll want to ensure that your employees are as prepared as possible leading up to the days before the audit. An audit will evaluate the processes, records, staff relations or company risk factors and then make recommendations about how to improve the specific area being audited. An audit memo will inform your employees about the audit process, as well as what will be expected of them during the audit.

Create the heading for your audit memo. Standard memos have four lines in the heading. The "To" line will list all the people within your organisation or company that you're distributing the audit memo to. Be sure to include all essential personnel and anyone who will have a specific job duty during the audit. The "From" line contains your name. The "Date" line contains the date you plan to send the memo, and the "Subject" line explains the purpose of the memo in a few words, such as "Preparing for the 2011 Financial Audit."

Explain the purpose of the audit memo in a few sentences in the opening paragraph. Using the example above, you might explain that the company's financial records are being audited in compliance with certain state regulations for your industry. The opening paragraph of an audit memo also should provide a summary for the remainder of the information provided in the memo.

Use the next few paragraphs to explain any information about the audit that's relevant to the recipients of the memo. This might include the objective of the audit, possible risk factors or liabilities involved, particular departments or processes that will be examined more closely, how the audit will be conducted and how the results and recommendations will be distributed, if applicable.

Give the recipients detailed instructions, if applicable, about what they need to do to prepare for the audit and what they need to do during the audit. This information is included in a final section. This final section also should include your contact information. Let the recipients know that they can contact you with any questions or concerns regarding the audit.

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