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How to Write a Letter to Change Working Hours

Major life events and health conditions can present a need to alter work schedules. Pregnancy, the birth of a child and other life changes can necessitate requesting reduced hours or a different schedule from an employer.

Before formally submitting a request for a schedule change, it is important to check with management about company policies regarding requests for changes in hours. When writing the request, gather any necessary documentation and present flexibility whenever possible.

Present your needs clearly to company management. Include specific information about your scheduling needs, including a proposed new schedule. If the need for a change in schedule is temporary, clearly state a projected end date in addition to a date when the schedule would take effect. If you have gathered information from medical professionals in support of the request for a change in working hours, reference this documentation and explain that it is attached or has been given to a human resources representative.

Address specific concerns that company management may have about a change in the work schedule. Demonstrate that you are aware a reduction in hours or change in availability will impact the company. Illustrate any plans or ideas you have that could allow the company to transition more smoothly and minimise this impact. If you are involved in any long-term projects or regular deadlines, include an actionable plan for completing the project in a reasonable amount of time or other helpful suggestions.

Present flexibility in your written request to change work hours whenever possible. If you have any room to reach a compromise with your employer, clearly express your availability to participate in alternative options. Offer to telecommute or share job responsibilities with another part-time employee. Presenting availability to work 10-hour shifts, extend the start date of the new schedule or participate in other options could benefit schedule negotiations and significantly ease the impact on company operations.