How to Write a Letter of Resignation

Career changes happen for a variety of reasons. You may resign from a job because you want to pursue other opportunities, or because you are unhappy in your current position. Whatever your reason for leaving, you should provide your employer with a letter of resignation. A letter of resignation gives your employer notice of your departure so they can hire a replacement. Your letter of resignation should be simple, direct and factual. Avoid statements that can cause bad feelings. You may need your past employer as a reference later.

Type out your letter of resignation with the appropriate letterhead listing contact information for both yourself and your employer. Address the letter to the appropriate superior in your organisation.

Write an opening paragraph that thanks your employer for your employment experience with the company. Keep a positive tone. Your letter of resignation will be part of your employment record. You want have a good reference for future employers.

Mention your reason for leaving if you are comfortable in sharing it. For example, you may want to say that you are leaving to pursue your own personal goals.

Specify the date of your resignation. Tell your employer when you will terminate your services. This will give the company time to find an adequate replacement. Offer to help with the transition period. You have knowledge that will help getting your replacement up to speed with your job.

Write a concluding paragraph thanking your supervisor and the company again for giving you the opportunity to work with them. End your letter of resignation on a positive note. Sign and date your letter of resignation.

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