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Help with writing goals & objectives for an administrative assistant

Administrative assistants must be highly organised, independent, pay attention to details, have strong communication skills and understand the organisation or person they work for. A company wants to hire administrative support that cares about its mission.

Goal Alignment

An administrative assistant's goals should align with the goals of the company and senior leadership. Common administrative goals are improving interpersonal skills, learning a new data program, researching top-of-the-line office equipment and upgrading an overly bureaucratic paper process. Goals should be guided by the work already being done, or challenges the office faces. People set goals to improve themselves and their performance, or the operations of the company.

Setting Goals

An administrative assistant should meet a certain number of measurable objectives each week, month and year. Select objectives carefully and with the intention of fulfilment. Objectives should be specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely. For example, one such objective would be to have all payroll documents updated by the end of each week. If this is not attainable, then adjust the objective.

Necessary Skills

An administrative assistant's goals and objectives should correlate with his skills. He is expected to have strong interpersonal skills, be able to type, have strong command of English grammar and to use a variety of software with confidence. An employer may also ask an administrative assistant to oversee small projects, company events and other employees. Maintaining strong relationships with vendors and clients can also required.

Specialised Skills

An administrative assistant should consider acquiring specialised knowledge as part of his goals and objectives. For a legal position, for example, he might consider becoming trained as a paralegal. He could attain knowledge of medical insurance processes and billing procedures to work in a medical operation. An administrative assistant in a financial institution can attain certification by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, allowing him to work with stocks, bonds and highly secure transactions.