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Assistant bar manager job description

When people gather with friends, they often go to a bar.

The assistant bar manager helps maintain the bar and provides a place for people to connect and celebrate. Each bar has its own personality. The assistant bar manager works with the general manager to set the tone and help customers feel welcome.


An assistant bar manager covers many of the same responsibilities as the bar manager, especially when the manager is not present at the bar. A job posting by the North Country Coastal Carlsbad Wine Bar in Carlsbad, California, states that the assistant manager "must be a hands-on leader overseeing all service, hospitality, front and back of house operations, training and administration."


The assistant bar manager performs a wide variety of tasks to ensure that the business runs smoothly at all times. The Beverage Assistant Manager at Luxor in Las Vegas, Nevada, "directs smooth, efficient, cost effective operation, including labour management, supervision of all aspects of services, scheduling and inventory control." The assistant manager also monitors the budget, takes inventory and arranges for deliveries, hires and trains staff and responds to guest complaints.


Most bars and restaurants require their assistant bar manager to have a high school diploma. It is helpful to have an associate or bachelor's degree in business, hospitality management or a related field.

An assistant bar manager should have experience in a bar or restaurant as a bartender or server. Start your management career at a smaller bar that provides on-the-job training. High-volume bars and restaurants require three to five years of experience in a management position.

Other Considerations

An assistant bar manager should be able to lead a team of bartenders and servers and also follow the directions of the bar manager.

He must have excellent customer service sills that enable him to negotiate and solve problems. He must be dependable, hardworking and flexible.

He must have basic math skills and pay great attention to detail. In the United States, bar managers must be at least 21 years old.

Time Commitment

The assistant bar manager must be willing to work long hours that include evenings, weekends and holidays. Many bars do not close until the early morning hours, and the assistant bar manager must stay an hour or two later to complete her duties.

Salary and Job Outlook

The United States Bureau of Labor statistics does not maintain separate data on assistant bar managers, but groups them with all first-line supervisors and managers of food preparation and serving workers. People in these occupations made an average of £9.20 per hour or £19,155 per year as of 2009. These positions are projected to grow between 7 per cent and 13 per cent by 2018, which is an average rate of growth.