Receptionists have specific goals they must meet to be successful. Receptionists must have impeccable customer service skills and knowledge of filing systems, as well as general office skills.

Abiding by yearly performance goals helps many people in the work environment successfully accomplish job tasks. Performance goals also help workers strive for better execution in their work. Receptionists do not have a typical office job; they must deal with people while keeping track of important paperwork and appointments. Receptionists must also keep a clean and organised workspace to properly do their job.

Implementing performance goals for your receptionist helps her understand what you want from her as an employee. Yearly performance goals are also ideal for suggesting better ways to work and implementing new work techniques.

Customer service

Receptionists deal with people.

From answering phones to discussing problems with customers, receptionists are often the first person a customer speaks with when contacting a company. A receptionist must have exceptional customer service skills. Negative tones or unfriendly service are never appropriate. Discuss with your receptionist how he can take his customer service skills to the next level. You can suggest he learn the names of frequent customers or clients. When a frequent client or customer calls your company or comes in, the receptionist makes that person feel comfortable by remembering who they are and why they are calling or visiting.


Successful receptionists have superior organisational skills. Keeping paperwork, phone numbers and important documents organised and readily available helps keep a business or company running smoothly.

Observe how well your receptionist organises her workspace, as well as work-related documents and numbers.

You can come up with ways to help your receptionist make organisation easier and faster without jeopardising quality of work. Suggest double copies of all documents and phone numbers, and keeping the spare copies in separate filing cabinets.


Getting work done in a timely manner is vital in any job.

Receptionists must be able to multitask and still get all job-related tasks done in the time allotted.

You can ask how your receptionist manages several tasks at once.

Depending on the type of work environment, come up with various ways to make your receptionist more efficient in his job. For example, scheduling an hour out of the day for filing paperwork, or making filing areas and copy areas closer to his workspace are ways to help with efficiency.

Copying and post

Your receptionist must know that making enough copies and mailing the correct documents to clients and others must be done correctly and in a timely manner. Sending papers late or not making enough copies hinders the business or company. A receptionist who takes notes and keeps on top of paperwork helps make copying and mailing simpler tasks. Ensure that your receptionist takes clear, detailed notes about what dates to mail certain paperwork and how many copies you need of which document.