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The Average Salary of a Car Salesmen

Determining the average salary of a car salesperson is extremely difficult, as salespeople make different amounts depending on a wide variety of factors.

Location, years of experience, type of dealership, and the sales preferences of the particular salesperson all weigh into how much a salesperson may make in a year. This makes determining the "average" a less than scientific process. However, certain average salary benchmarks may indicate a variety of factors.

Low Salary Levels

The low end of the salary scale for car salesmen, or the entry level average salary in some marketplaces, is an average of £9,750 a year. Salespeople that work in smaller markets with fewer prospective buyers can expect to make far less money than those working in large towns or cities. Because new salespeople usually sell less in the commission-based business of auto sales, sometimes a modest salary is guaranteed until he or she gets the hang of things. This salary may be minimum wage, or slightly above.

When a minimum salary is not provided and the salesperson is paid largely on commission, salaries can remain low until the salesperson has more experience. Most car sales people do not remain at this low salary for very long.

Salaries Below Average

Although below the average for a career in car sales, a salary in the £9,750 to £19,500 range may indicate a number of factors. Salaries may remain around this level even in better markets if the economy swings down and fewer people are purchasing cars. An unmotivated salesperson may consistently expect a salary in this range, as car sales are commission-based and depend on proactive salespeople to get the job done.

Average Salary

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the annual average salesman's salary will fall toward the lower end of the £19,500 to £32,500 range.

Salespeople working in markets with average-to-strong sales can expect a salary of at least £19,500 per year. This is due to several factors, including "lot traffic," a small monthly salary in addition to commissions to make up for volatile markets, and the ability of a salesperson to close deals the same day.

Above Average Sales

Experienced car salespeople will often earn in excess of £32,500 a year due to their intimate knowledge of sales, the market, and the automobiles with which they work. Customer referrals for reliable salesmen and women are the key to success for many car salespeople in this salary range, because the sales people are trusted to give good advice and information about the vehicles they are attempting to sell.

Commissions for salespeople with a higher volume of sales are often raised to reflect their hard work and dedication. Many car salesmen find themselves within this bracket after several years of experience in a steady market.

High Salary Range

The very best salesmen can make in excess of £52,000 annually with the help of several key factors.

First, the company for which they work must be reliable and interested in retaining both customers and salespeople. Next, the economy should be conducive to selling new and used vehicles.

Incentives and bonuses based on performance can give salespeople the financial edge over ones who are less experienced or motivated. Obviously, a very high level of experience and dedication---sometimes including long hours, phone calls to referred customers, and extensive knowledge of vehicles---are usually required to earn this salary range