The Average Salary of a Pharmachutical Drug Rep

Pharmaceutical sales representatives, more commonly referred to as drug reps, are responsible for providing information, demonstrations and product samples to hospitals in an attempt to promote new drugs on the market. For those with natural selling ability and strong interpersonal skills, the career can provide significant financial rewards, as average compensation levels prove.

National Averages

From a survey of over 1,800 drug reps, PayScale calculates a salary range of £48,788 to £68,831. Included in these figures are bonus pay, as well as profit sharing and commission plans. This drug rep salary range is accurate as of November 2010.


More experience means more money for drug representatives, according to PayScale. With less than four years in the position, top average salaries stay around £40,950. When reps reach five to nine years of work, the high end of the salary range grows to £49,869. Lastly, those with 10 to 19 years' experience achieve top salaries over £60,450.


Of the companies surveyed by PayScale, Pfizer provides the highest average compensation to its representatives. Pfizer reps have an average salary range from £43,658 to £65,939. Representatives of Merck & Co., GlaxoSmithKline and Johnson and Johnson each have top average salaries about £6,500 less than Pfizer as of 2010.


Not surprisingly, pharmaceutical representatives usually receive health benefits. PayScale shows that 95 per cent of reps receive medical coverage. Furthermore, 91 per cent get dental care and 72 per cent get vision care from their employer.

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