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Bar assistant duties

Bars, which are otherwise known as pubs, taverns and saloons, are establishments that serve alcoholic drinks such as beer, wine and liquor.

Bars also often serve food, especially if they are located within a hotel or larger restaurant. A bar assistant's duties revolve around helping bar managers and other staff keep the bar operating smoothly and effectively.

Prepare for Service

Bar assistants are generally tasked with preparing the bar and surrounding area for service before opening each day. This involves many small and large duties such as setting tables, stacking supplies and general organisation and maintenance.

Serve Customers

Bar assistants spend a majority of their shifts serving customers. This involves taking orders, preparing food and drink, checking-in with the customers and taking payments.

Stock Inventory

A bar assistant needs to help keep track of the bar's supplies and ensure that everything remains satisfactorily stocked. Items needing consistent restocking include liquor, wine, beer, napkins, garnishes and other mixed-drink items such as cherries and olives and bar snacks.

Follow Health and Safety Procedures

Bar assistants are responsible for closely observing all health and safety procedures relating to the welfare of both the staff and customers frequenting the establishment. This includes proper sanitary and hygienic precautions.

Special Event Preparation

Bars will often host special events such as office or birthday parties. In these instances, bar assistants are responsible for preparation.


Depending on the bar assistant's experience, he or she may be tasked with training new employees on the job so they can begin working independently as soon as possible.