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Bar supervisor job description

The hospitality sector of the economy has suffered less than desirable economic ups and downs over the last decade but it is enjoying a burgeoning expansion as consumers venture out to spend money once again and travel globally. Bar supervisors/managers become more in demand as the hospitality industry expands to meet the growing needs of a service-based economy.

The Bar Supervisor/Manager

The bar supervisor/manager position is held within a bar, nightclub or bar/restaurant establishment and is the top management of the local property. The supervisor may be the owner of the establishment as well as its supervisor or may simply be a working employee for a franchise or corporation establishment. Another aspect of the supervisor's job that is unique in a drinking establishment is liquor licensing and ensuring employee and patron compliance with state liquor laws.

Skill Requirements

The bar/restaurant supervisor must be, if anything, a customer service professional with excellent communication skills. The hospitality industry caters to the public, whether recreational tourists or corporate clients conducting business over drinks. The ability to oversee the establishment's operations and resolve both employee and customer concerns in a diplomatic fashion is imperative. Interaction with vendors, safety inspectors and regional managers is a routine part of the job, so a congenial personality and mild temperament are complementary to this job.


While a college degree is not necessary to become a bar/restaurant supervisor and many successful ones have worked their way up from being hourly employees, a bachelor's degree in hospitality management is ideal for anyone seeking a high level, high paying position within the industry. Many online courses are available to current managers who wish to improve their marketability and enables them to earn credit hours with a more flexible schedule while remaining employed in a current managerial position. Most applicants to national chains need a degree to be hired at a supervisory level with additional on-the-job training provided by the employer.

Careers Available/Advancement

A qualified bar/restaurant supervisor can choose to work in a single restaurant/bar establishment or for a regional or national chain offering various locations for future transfer possibilities. Some bar supervisors work for food service contract providers in large event settings such as concessional sports or concert venues, while others work for cruise lines or hotels and their respective in-house bar or restaurant. Bar managers can easily cross apply when possessing a hospitality management degree to other fields within the hospitality industry such as a restaurant or hotel management position.

Median Annual Salary

According to Simply Hired job search online salary tracking, the median annual salary for a bar supervisor is £33,150 and is highly dependent upon the size of company or chain as well as the location of the bar/restaurant. Educational level also factors into salary and added educational degree(s) can garner higher paying jobs. It is also very common to see a performance-based bonus program in most bar/restaurant franchises or corporate brands. These programs offer supervisors incentives to enhance performance and increase revenue.