How to become a AAA hotel inspector

From evaluating weird smells to eating restaurant items, the job of a AAA Hotel Inspector is certainly full of variety. Based on a jewel rating system, AAA Inspectors are responsible for evaluating based on a strict system, but also leaving room for flexible opinion. It is a much sought-after job, with a limited number of openings. While the position is a highly competitive one, a few tips can help give you an edge.

Check the employment posting on the AAA website. The AAA employment website is designed to automatically tailor itself to the region of the country you are from. Expand the search region to search for jobs across the country. The AAA job search website can be targeted to focus on travel jobs, which should illuminate potential Hotel Inspector positions.

Tailor your resume to a travel job. Because AAA is a national organisation with a variety of positions and needs, their job board does not fully encompass the organisation's need. As such AAA accepts resumes year-round. Experiences that could be particularly valuable are evaluative positions, hotel work and jobs that involved travel.

Accept a related position. Since there are only 65 AAA hotel inspectors for the entire country, the odds of achieving the position without previous experience is unlikely. Search for alternate positions that involve travel to demonstrate your stamina for the road.

Write hotel reviews. Proving that you have the analytical mind and observational ability to write and think about hotels can be just the edge you might need to move to the a hotel inspector position within the company. Even if isn't related to your job duties there are a number of websites that encourage user reviews of hotels.

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