You are typically asked to give details of your work history when filling out forms to apply for a new job. If you have worked in many capacities and have a long and checkered work history, you may have trouble recalling all the details. The advent of the Internet has made finding your work history easy. There are many agencies that have records of your work history and will provide details online for a fee.

Things You Will Need
  • Computer

  • Internet Connection

Write your name in the search bar of an Internet search engine. The search will provide many details of your work history. This type of search is useful if you have forgotten a few details in your employment history. This is a free and convenient method of filling in any details that you have probably forgotten.

Find the website of an employment screening agency like Intellius. Enter your name and other details and pay a nominal fee to view your employment history. Employers typically refer to these screening agencies to view the employment history of potential employees. The information provided is authentic.

Check your employment history on the website of a credit rating agency. The websites of the well known credit rating agencies Equifax, Experian or Trans Union will provide your employment history for free. You need to enter your name, state and other details like your social security number for a free report of your credit score and employment history.

Go to the website of the Public Record Search Online. The website has a list of agencies that will provide your employment history in your state or nationwide.