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How to become an accountant without a degree

Are you really good with numbers? Do you enjoy balancing your checkbook and doing budgets? An accounting job might be right for you.

You might think you have to have a degree in accounting to become an accountant. However, there are accounting jobs that don't require a degree.

Get experience. If you have had no experience in the accounting field, get some. Volunteer to do the accounting for your PTA, church or club. You can list volunteer work on your resume. Any experience counts.

Educate yourself. You don't have to have a degree to become an accountant, but you do have to know the basics. Take an Excel and a QuickBooks class. When you are asked if you have a degree you can honestly say, "No, but I am in college now." Another benefit is some colleges work with companies for job placement. You might be able to land an interview through your college referrals.

Network with friends and family. It's not what you know, but who you know that can help you find an accounting job. A foot in the door is what you need to land an accounting job. Programs can be taught, and finding a smart, reliable employee can be hard to do. Convincing your interviewer that you can learn anything quickly and you are dependable can help you get an accounting job.

Look for entry-level jobs. Accounts Payable is usually an entry-level accounting position. An accounting clerk job is also a starter accounting job. Work an entry-level position until you can work your way up. Ask for more job duties to expand your accounting experience.

Ask your current employer if you can move into the accounting department. If there are no openings, see if you can help out during busy times like month end and year end. Let your manager know that you would like to work in the accounting department. A good manager will help you toward your goal. Talk with the accounting managers. Let them know you would like to work for them. Socialise with them so you are not far from their thoughts. When an opening does come up, they will think of you and move you into an accounting job.