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How to become a bank teller

The bank teller is the first and sometimes only bank employee with whom the general public has contact.

He or she is the person who handles basic money deposits, withdrawals and check-cashing transactions. Customer service skills, as well as the ability to attend to clients' needs quickly and efficiently, are a must. Once obtaining a position as a bank teller, you can become certified, which can lead to more employment options within the banking field.

Graduate from high school with some math classes under your belt. One of the main responsibilities of a bank teller is to count money quickly and accurately.

Consider taking some college classes before you become a bank teller. A college degree is not required by all banks or other financial institutions, but some businesses may require it. An advanced degree in a related field, business administration or economics for example, is usually advantageous when trying to move up the corporate ladder.

Search employment databases that specialize in business or financial services jobs. The American Bankers Association (ABA) is a good place to start (see Resources below).

Emphasize prior customer service skills and experience that you may have. Highlight these abilities on your resume as you begin to apply for jobs. Strong interpersonal communication is a very important factor when bank managers hire their tellers.

Work as a bank teller for 6 months or longer. This is the minimum length of time on the job required in order to become certified.

Take courses toward the American Institute of Banking (AIB) Bank Teller Certificate. Your employer may provide some of the training needed. Topics covered include the state of today's banks, business etiquette and ethics, customer service, relationship banking and working with coworkers.

Obtain a reference letter from a supervisor who is in a senior managerial role at your place of employment. He must vouch for your professional abilities, work ethic and explain why he thinks you qualify for certification.

Agree to uphold the Institute of Certified Banker's (ICB) code of ethics before taking the certifying exam. This is done by signing a statement that the ICB includes in the application package.

Sit for the Certified Bank Teller (CBT) examination. You have 90 minutes to answer more than 70 multiple choice questions.

Maintain your certification every 3 years by taking continuing education courses.


Bank tellers spend many hours on their feet as they perform their duties. To prevent strain or injury, comfortable shoes are highly recommended. Female tellers may want to wear support pantyhose, which helps maintain healthy circulation in the legs.

Things Needed

  • Resume
  • High school diploma