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How to become a cameraman

Cameraman is a choice of career that people land in by various ways. There is no "one size fits all" when it comes to preparation, education and guidance. But there are some concrete steps that you can follow to become a cameraman and enjoy this exciting, interesting and lucrative career.

Start your education by learning the fundamentals of the craft. A good film/video school can put you ahead of the competition. Video and computer graphics courses at a technical school can be helpful. If you go to college, major in film and television production.

Look for hands-on opportunities to get some experience. Make videos for family and friends of special occasions. Weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and graduations are excellent chances to practice your skills. As your skills increase, your contacts will increase. You'll begin to establish a reputation. Skills and contacts are essential if you want to become a cameraman.

Use your natural abilities and do what you enjoy. If you've always enjoyed taking still pictures, learn all you can about photography and the best camera brands. If you enjoy taking home videos, leverage that interest and increase your skills.

Keep track of every bit of experience that you get while you are on the road to becoming a cameraman. The more work you have to put on your resume, the better. Every video you make for free and every part-time paid work experience looks good on a resume.

Look for part-time jobs that have anything to do with cameras, lighting or editing. Your local TV station can be a possibility for work as an intern. Even assisting the cameraman's assistant can put you in contact with people who can help you.

Develop your communication and people skills. These are vital for a good cameraman.


Read books on the craft of filming and watch lots of films. Keep informed about new technology. Keep your resume updated and send it to prospective employers.


Never give up. It will take determination and persistence to enjoy a career as a cameraman.