A cover letter is document enclosed in a job application in which you introduce yourself to a potential new employer.

When applying for a kitchen porter job, you should highlight your skills, abilities, knowledge and explain why you would like to work for the company. Keeping the cover letter concise and relevant to the role is important, because it piques a potential employer's interest and might make him want to find out more about what you have to offer.

Things You Will Need
  • A4 paper

  • Job description

Read the job description. Determine the key skills and experience the employer is looking for and match your abilities to the description.

Write a list of your attributes and experience, such as being physically fit and experience of washing pots or working in a similar establishment. These details should form the body of your cover letter.

Conduct research on the company you want to work for and explain why you would like to work there and what you can contribute to the kitchen department.

Address your letter to the person specified on the job application. If you are unclear, call the company to ensure you have the address and addressee correct. Ask for any unusual words to be spelled out.

Start your first paragraph with a strong opening statement. Jobsite suggests explaining why you are writing and stating the position for which you are applying. If someone has referred you to the position, mention the person's name.

Briefly describe your professional and academic qualifications relevant to the position in the second paragraph. For example,, list qualifications like a current basic food hygiene certificate or a course taken in controlling substances hazardous to health (COSHH.)

Insert bullet points to list your professional experience. Include details such as your ability to keep areas clean and hygienic, receiving and checking deliveries and organisational skills. Keep this list to 4 or 5 points. If you do not have any work experience as a kitchen porter, list relevant skills or experience in another work environment, at school or at home.

Describe in the last paragraph why you would like to work for the company, and share your career ambitions. If you are applying for the kitchen porter job but would like to use that as a stepping stone to be a commis (assistant) chef, let the employer know that you are a good investment, serious about your career and keen to progress in the company.

Finish the cover letter by stating your availability for an interview. Thank the reader in advance for his time.

Conclude the cover letter with "Yours faithfully" and sign your name. Print the letter on A4 paper or email it with your CV or application.


Keep your cover letter to a maximum of one page of A4 paper. Your cover letter should enhance the information in your CV or application and not be a direct copy. Check for spelling and grammar mistakes before sending.