FedEx offers a range of independent contractor positions. The labour force, comprising FedEx Home Delivery and FedEx Ground, is entirely entrepreneurial. Contractors own their own vehicles and contribute investments of time, resources, and money into acquiring their own working areas.

FedEx opportunities consist of Linehaul, Ground Pickup and Delivery, or Home Delivery contractor positions.

Becoming a contractor consists of visiting the FedEx corporate website, reviewing current contractor positions, and submitting an application online. Thereafter candidates may get interviews and potentially a contract offering.

Visit the FedEx corporate website and review the information on becoming an independent contractor located under the Careers Independent Contractors section. You need to explore the contractor opportunities available, review the requirements of each position, and learn about the required investments before applying.

Read the requirements of the contractor positions. While each position varies, they all require candidates to be over the age of 21 with a clean driving record. Candidates need to pass a Department of Transportation (DOT) physical and a drug screening. FedEx prefers candidates with commercial driving experience of at least one year, but will provide driving classes for those lacking such experience. FedEx also looks for those with either prior business ownership experience or successful route management experience.

Review the investment section of the contractor position to understand what expenses you will incur as an independent contractor. While expenses vary slightly among positions, such expenses generally involve vehicle payments, insurance, taxes, and maintenance. In addition, contractors have the option to purchase multiple routes, multiple vehicles, and hire their own drivers, creating expenses above the basic contractor expenses. FedEx does not provide an estimate of what you will need to spend; such questions go to independent-contractor recruiters from FedEx.

Read over the FAQs to understand some of the expectations of FedEx contractors. Some of these include appointing suitable coverage for your route in the event you cannot cover it, and finding a replacement for your vehicle in the event it breaks down.

Apply for an open position by clicking on the link “FedEx Careers” and then the link for “Independent Contractors” to search for independent contractor opportunities. Select your state and they type of contractor position you prefer, then click search. Click on the position that interests you to apply. You need to click on the link that reads, “Submit information sheet” and fill out the five pages requesting your vital information and experience. In addition, you will need to forward a resume to the email address provided in the job ad. FedEx will respond about three weeks after the close of the contractor announcement.