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British Embassy Careers

A career in the British Embassy can provide you with a variety of occupation choices.

Some require office work in London, while others will provide you with the opportunity to work abroad while formulating British foreign policy. Please note that as of May 2010, there is a nationwide recruiting freeze within the British Embassy that will not be lifted until 2011.

Generalist Staff

The generalist staff is recruited by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. There are four levels of employment for this position.

The first level is the administrative assistant position. Designed for office support, the assistant provides help in a variety of areas including IT, processing payments and filing.

Executive assistants are the next level of the generalist staff. Their job is to provide personal support to staff in London and abroad.

For those looking to work in a more diplomatic capacity, there is the operational officer position. This job entails working abroad with the various British embassies around the world while pushing forward the British foreign policy agenda.

The fourth and final level of the generalist staff is the policy entrant. Those who enter this level are recruited straight out of their respective universities. After passing the gruelling selection process, policy entrants are to work on British policy their first year before moving on to the consulate department.


Specialists are employees of the British embassy who are placed into a specific role based upon their scholastic and work backgrounds. Like the generalist staff, there are four levels to the specialist staff.

Economists work for the embassy to study financial markets and the various issues regarding trade with the British. The job requires two years in London before you are sent to a G8 or EU nation to further study the economic issues that appear with the respective trade partner.

Legal advisers work directly with the ministers and officials of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office by providing them with the legal advice needed to pursue foreign policy. Advisers will also be required to attend conferences at home and abroad.

Research analysts are in charge of researching various historical perspectives to help push forth current foreign policy. There are required to be an expert in British foreign policy and are expected to provide context to current issues.

Overseas security managers are supposed to keep overseas diplomats and embassy workers safe. Working as security guards, the managers are to stay abreast of any information that could lead to the possible harm of British workers overseas.

Local Staff

The local staff are people employed by the British embassies abroad to help with visa or consulate issues in their respective country. All local staff are subject to local employment laws, not British law.