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How to buy non-owner's car insurance

The non-owner's car insurance policy essentially covers any damages you may cause to someone's property (or body) while driving a car you do not own. This includes rented as well as borrowed cars.

A kind of liability coverage, non-owner's insurance can help you sort out several insurance complications.

If you are self-employed, then you most likely will have a commercial liability policy. All you need to do is add on a non-owner's policy and you're all set.

Call several insurance companies and ask about obtaining a non-owner's policy. Every state and insurance company invariably offers such a policy so you may not need to look specifically for companies that do.

Ask for information about the "Assigned Risk Program/Plan" offered to the insurance company by your state. The company should offer you a policy in accordance with the risk program. Receiving a cold response for such information from an agent is rare. However, if you do, you can file a complaint with the state board of insurance. Remember, you are entitled to receive such coverage. So do not hesitate.

Compare quotes, terms and conditions of all companies that you have contacted.

Shop for the most cost-effective coverage. Because you do not own the car, the only type of insurance you are eligible for is "Liability."


Remember, as someone who does not own a car, you should try to get the cheapest quote on "Liability." Research the Internet for different ways to get coverage. Credit card companies also offer non-owner's auto insurance policies. These may work out to be better in some cases.


You cannot get collision coverage with non-owner's car insurance