How to calculate gross salary from net salary

When you receive a paycheck from your employer, you may be surprised that the check's amount -- called the net pay -- is less than what you expected, given your hourly wage. With a calculator and a pay stub, you can figure out your gross pay.

Find the net pay listed on your check stub. This is the amount paid to you.

Find the total deductions that were taken from your gross pay. This includes mandatory state, federal, local and Social Security taxes. If your employer provides medical insurance and you pay a portion of it, the amount will be noted in the deductions area.

Add the total deductions to your net pay to calculate your gross wages. This number equals your hourly wage times the number of hours you worked.


When applying for financial aid, Social Security benefits or any other income-contingent program, your gross pay will be used to calculate eligibility.

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Things Needed

  • Calculator
  • Pay stub

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