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How to Cancel a MoneyGram

Many scammers require that you send funds via MoneyGram before they will send you a specific product. If you discover that you've been scammed, or you just want to cancel an unnecessary money transfer, you can request that MoneyGram cancel the order.

You can't cancel a MoneyGram once the recipient has received the funds. If the recipient has already picked up the MoneyGram, you must contact the recipient to resolve the issue.

Call MoneyGram customer service.

Request to cancel the money order.

Submit your full name, your 8-digit reference number and the amount sent. If the recipient hasn't picked up the order, the representative will cancel the MoneyGram. You are still required to pay the transfer fee. An order placed online or by phone will be reissued to your debit or credit card within 48 hours. An order made in person will be available for pick up at a local MoneyGram service centre within 24 hours.