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How to calculate annual salary

An annual salary is the amount of money an individual earns at a place of employment during a calendar year. The amount of an annual salary is important to note when creating an annual budget and when preparing tax documents. Calculating your annual salary is simple if you have a recent pay stub.

Look at the bottom of a recent pay stub. You want to look for the line that reads "salary" or "wages." The amount listed next to salary is the amount of money earned per pay period. Be sure to look at the amount of your current salary opposed to your year-to-date salary. You want to use this number to compute your salary and not your net pay figure, because net pay is not your total salary, but the amount of your paycheck after overtime, taxes and adjustments.

Figure out how many times you get paid each year. Determine whether you get paid monthly, semi-monthly, weekly or bi-weekly. You may have to ask someone in the human resources department. If you get paid monthly, you get paid 12 times each year. If you get paid semi-monthly, you get paid 24 times per year. If you get paid weekly, you get paid 52 times a year. And if you get paid bi-weekly, you get paid 26 times per year.

Type the amount of your salary per paycheck into a calculator.

Multiply the salary amount times the number of times you get paid each year from Step 2.

Hit the equals sign. This is your annual salary.

Things Needed

  • Pay stub
  • Calculator

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