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How can I cancel my GEICO car insurance?

Car insurance is a mandatory coverage, and it is important that your car is insured at all times. However, you may want to cancel your car insurance policy if you are switching to a new carrier or selling your car.

If your auto insurance policy is written through Geico insurance company, it is possible to cancel your insurance policy in several ways. Geico has both traditional and electronic cancellation processes, thus giving customers options for cancelling their insurance.

Provide proof that coverage is no longer needed.

If you sold your car, turned in your number plates or suffered a total loss, provide documented proof that the coverage should be cancelled. No insurance company, including Geico, is allowed to cancel an auto insurance policy on simply the word of the owner. They must have verifiable documents to support the cancellation.

Secure replacement coverage if necessary.

If you did not get rid of your car, you must keep it insured. If you wish to cancel your Geico insurance policy because you found better car insurance coverage elsewhere, you must provide Geico with proof of replacement coverage. Therefore, before you contact Geico to cancel your current auto policy, make sure you have a new insurance policy in place if you still own or lease a car.

Visit the Geico website and navigate to the "Manage Your Auto Policy" section.

Log into your account and follow the simple instructions for removing or cancelling automobile coverage. If you have never used Geico's online access, you will need to register your policy first. The registration is a quick, three-step process which involves providing your policy information, answering a few security questions and selecting a username and password.

Call the Geico representative and request policy cancellation if you are uncomfortable cancelling your Geico car insurance over the Internet.

Geico Sales Department 800-861-8380

Follow up for the cancellation endorsement and any premium refunds due as a result of cancelling the policy.


Geico car customers can also opt to cancel insurance by sending a letter to the Geico insurance representative requesting coverage to be cancelled. In the letter, include your policy number, date of cancellation and a copy of the necessary documentations to show why coverage is no longer needed. The mailing address varies depending on which region of the country in which you reside. Visit the link in the Resources section for the appropriate mailing address.