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Where can I find my employment history?

When filling out applications for possible employment opportunities, you will need to list your employment history. However, after years of work, you may have a hard time remembering exactly when you were employed where. Instead of attempting to dig through all your old records and your memory, you can actually look up your information online.


Intelius Screening Solutions is one of the leading ways potential employers screen your work history, so why not take a look at what they're seeing? A complete Intelius link is provided in the "Resources" section of this article. Once at the page, you will need to type in your personal information, such as name, birth date, Social Security number and mailing address. Click "Run Check," and in a few moments you will be shown a complete list of your employment history. This will only display the jobs which you claimed on your income tax forms. You will be shown a selective amount of information; to see the complete list you will need to purchase the company's service, which runs anywhere from £1.30 to £32.

Credit Check

Another way to check your employment history is to look at your credit history. You are entitled to one free credit check per year from the three major credit-reporting agencies: Equifax, Experian and TransUnion. You can retrieve them for free online at credit report websites such as annualcreditreport.com (link in "Resources"). To use this service, select your state, then input your personal information, including your Social Security number. Your credit score and your employment information will be displayed.


With Abika (full link available in "Resources") you will be able to search your employment history by the state in which you worked. If you lived in multiple states, you will need to perform a search for each of them. Once at the site you input your name, address, city and state. From here you will see your past residence locations. To get a full report, click "Continue" under "Get Full Report." From here you will need to purchase the advanced background check, which will have all your employment history; it costs £26 as of September 2009.

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