You can find an inmate's prisoner number by performing searches on various websites that provide inmate search services. To begin a search, visit the site and input all information that you have on the inmate.

You can also conduct an inmate search using a federal inmate locator tool. You can also conduct a statewide search if you know an inmate's location.

Know the contact information of the inmate, which is the last name, first name, age, gender and date of birth. Include committing county and location if known. If you don't have that information, contact the prisoner's family or friends to secure it. It can be difficult to pinpoint an inmate's location if your state has multiple correctional facilities. Inmates can sometimes be transferred to different locations over the length of their incarceration.

Perform an online inmate search through websites like or to begin your query. (See Resources for links.) Also visit the state and federal prison websites of your state to check for the prisoner number. Complete the online fields. Submit the online request.

Search for prison inmates at The Federal Bureau of Prisons online website (see Resources for a link). Prison records can be searched from 1982 to present.

Check your state's Department of Corrections' website. It will provide information about adult prisoners.

Search for links such as "Offender Information" or "Locator Tool" on the department's home page. Enter the person's first and last name in the search fields to find a prison inmate number.