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How do I Find Mercedes Benz Touch-Up Paint by VIN Number?

The VIN, or vehicle identification number, is your automobile's "fingerprint."

It's a coded alphanumeric string that has information about what type of vehicle it is, where and when it was manufactured and features installed with that car, including Mercedes vehicles. The last five digits are a unique serial number.

Locate your VIN number on your dashboard.

Copy down the VIN number and type it into the Free VIN Decoder website.

Click the "Decode!" button.

Click on the "Colors" tab to see which paint colours and codes are associated with your VIN.

If you don't have an Internet connection, take your VIN number to your local Mercedes-Benz service department or auto-body shop. Either place will be able to help you look up and decode the VIN number.

Ask your local reference librarian. Many libraries have auto repair manuals and books in their reference section.

Join an online Mercedes Benz enthusiast's group. A quick Internet search will bring up many options depending on the type of car or year of car you own.


  • The easiest way to know which touch-up paint to buy is to know the correct paint code. The paint colour sticker on a Mercedes Benz is typically found on the driver's side door jamb or by the radiator support in the engine bay area. Cars produced before 2003 will have a five-digit paint code starting with DB. Newer cars will have a three-digit code. DB030 and 030 are the same paint colour, only the nomenclature has changed.