How to cancel Credit Expert

Good credit is one of the keys to getting necessary loans or low interest rates. Because many people don't know their current credit score, companies offer free credit score reports. However, some companies offer the reports for free only if you sign up for a membership and then make it exceedingly difficult to cancel the membership prior to being billed for the additional services. This article explains how to cancel Credit Expert from Experian.

Call Experian's free number (0800 052 5216). Call this number to cancel your membership. Speak with a representative and firmly but politely request the cancellation of the membership. The representative will likely try to convince you to keep the membership. However, because you are following the guidelines for cancellation put forth on the Experian site, by law, Experian is obligated to cancel the membership at your request. Be firm and persistent.

Send an e-mail cancellation request to Experian if the representative refuses to cancel your membership or if you cannot speak with a representative when you try to call. Use the email listed for customer service because the site does not offer one specifically for cancellations. When you send the e-mail, send a carbon copy to yourself so you have a copy of your correspondence.

Write Experian a letter requesting cancellation of the membership. Detail in the letter previous attempts for cancellation and your reason for sending the request via postal mail instead of using the cancellation phone number provided. Get a certified receipt of delivery on the letter from the post office when you send the letter. The receipt verifies that your request was received in case Experian attempts to bill you. State in the body of the letter that you are sending the letter in this manner to prompt representatives to reply faster. Keep a copy of the letter for your records.

If Experian continues to bill you for unwanted services, ask a solicitor to draft and send a letter to Experian that details your legal right to cancellation under Experian policies and which requests the cancellation under threat of legal recourse. Because solicitor's fees are expensive, this is a last resort and should be done only if you feel that the cost of the solicitor's time will be less than having to pay Experian for service you don't want.

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