If you or your flatmate decides to move out, the utilities will need to be changed to the name of the person who is staying in the property. No change or interruption in service is required -- just a change of the name on the bill.

You can typically change the billing name over the phone or via the Internet. Check with your local electricity company to see what options are available for the customer.

Contact the electricity company. Inform the customer service agent of your request to change the name on the electricity bill. If services are currently active this can be done without an interruption. The person whose name is currently on the bill can request a changeover date. You would request for the services to be placed in your name on that date. The electricity company will ask for details of the current account and an up-to-date reading. You will be assigned a new account number with the activation of new service.

Provide proof of identification, if this is required. Most electricity companies will carry out credit checks before changing the account over. The customer service representative will typically also need to speak to the person who will be responsible for the account after the change over date.

Fax or post over a copy of your lease agreement, if this is requested. Requirements of what is acceptable can vary, so check with the local electricity company in your area.


You may be required to put down a deposit until you can establish a good payment history. Most companies want the customer to accomplish 12 months of making payments on time. Once this is established the deposit may be returned.