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Coffee shop manager job description

A coffee shop manager oversees and directs the activities of a coffee shop. These professionals direct the entire coffee shop operation, which includes supervising all employees, ensuring the shop meets quality and food service regulatory requirements, and making sure customers are provided with exceptional service.


Most employers have no educational requirements for this occupation. Employment opportunities may increase for those who obtain a high school diploma or GED, and continue education to receive an associate degree in hospitality, restaurant management or business administration.


These professionals are in direct contact with the public on a daily basis. To be successful, this occupation requires the ability to handle multiple priorities as well as strong leadership and motivational skills, and excellent customer service skills. Most employers require basic computer skills as the coffee shop manager maintains required financial and management reports.


The coffee shop manager sets the example of the organisation's policies and standards for performance. Management responsibilities include hiring, training, scheduling and motivating employees for all work shifts. Most coffee shops are operational at least 12 to 16 hours per day, and sometimes 24 hours a day. Management duties include assigning tasks to employees and supervisors, and ensuring all required duties and responsibilities are performed seamlessly for each work shift.


A coffee shop manager ensures the proper types and amounts of food, coffee, supplies and merchandise are ordered and stocked to maintain appropriate inventory levels. This includes communicating to employees regarding any new products or services being offered.


The main responsibility of these professionals is to drive sales and increase revenues for the store. This involves promoting the store, motivating employees to increase sales and providing excellent customer service to establish a continual customer presence. Coffee shop managers develop daily, weekly or monthly revenue goals for the establishment and ensure those goals are met.


Salary can range for this occupation depending on the size of the organisation and yearly revenues. Some employers may offer a bonus based on yearly sales. In April 2010, listed a national average salary of £29,998 per year for this occupation.