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How to collect a money transfer from Western Union

A money transfer is one way to send or receive money to or from someone who isn't within close proximity to you. Money is brought to an agent, such as a Western Union agent, who can wire the money to another location. In order to collect a money transfer from a Western Union agent, you must be able to provide the agent with basic, but important, information.

Determine where a nearby Western Union agent is by using the "Find a Location" service on the Western Union website (see Resources). Fill out the online form and press the "Submit" button to show a list of Western Union agent locations near you.

Obtain the Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN) from the money transfer sender. This number helps the Western Union agent locate and verify the money transfer so you can receive it. It's also important to find out what type of money transfer was used so you know if you must go to a Western Union agent to pick up the money, if it will be delivered to your home via FedEx or if it will be direct deposited into your bank account.

Provide the Western Union agent or FedEx driver with the MTCN, as well as the sender's first and last name and your first and last name if the money transfer was sent through the "Money in Minutes" service, the "Overnight Home Delivery" service or the "Economy" service. Sign the form provided by Western Union to verify that you've received the money.


Always check hours of operation before going to pick up a money transfer at a Western Union location. Overnight Home Delivery delivers the money transfer in the form of a Visa prepaid debit card, which is subject to normal ATM withdrawal fees. Money transfers sent as direct deposit to your bank account can take three business days to become available.

Things Needed

  • Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN)
  • Sender's first and last name