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How to Complain Against PayPal

PayPal is an online service that allows users to transfer money over the Internet.

Some of the possible experiences that people may encounter include closed PayPal accounts, unexpected fees incurred during transactions and fraudulent transactions. Address these concerns by submitting a complaint directly to PayPal's customer support channels.

Read all of the links shown in the "Legal Agreements for PayPal Services" page located on PayPal's website. Focus on the pages directed towards all users particularly the "Closing Accounts and Limiting Account Access," "Buyer Complaint Policy," and "Fees Policy." The information listed may address some of the PayPal complaints or explain why the unfortunate action by PayPal took place.

Visit the "PayPal Help Center" by clicking on the "Contact Us" link found on the bottom of the page and click the "Ask the Community" button. Click the "Post a topic" button and post your complaint by stating the problem. End it with a question asking for advice on the best way to resolve the issue. Top off the complaint by supplying a good title that best summarises the complaint.

Go back to the "PayPal Help Center" and click the "Ask Now!" button found under the "Ask Sarah" box. Virtual assistants are interactive, so take advantage by asking all the questions you can and opening up any concerns regarding PayPal. These assistants may point you to useful resources or redirect you to another help channel that helps settle the PayPal complaint.

Head to the "PayPal Help Center" again and send an e-mail containing your PayPal complaint. Choose the best topic that matches your concern and use the same techniques applied in step two. Expect a reply within the same week. This method is effective for posting longer complaints that highlight more serious situations, like fraudulent transactions.

Back at the "PayPal Help Center", click the "Call us" link. Dial the number displayed on the page and a customer service representative will listen to your complaints and give you feedback.


  • Perform these steps after logging into your PayPal account for a smoother process.


  • The "Legal Agreements for PayPal Services" may default to the United States version. If you are not in that area, choose the country you are currently in before clicking any other links. Never give out your password while filing a complaint.