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How do I Change the File Name of PDF Invoices in QuickBooks?

E-mailing invoices to your customers is a faster, more efficient and cost-effective way to send out your bills than mailing paper invoices. If you would like to change the default invoice name when you are creating PDF invoices in QuickBooks, there is an easy step you can take that will also keep the files organised and easy to find for future reference.

Load an existing invoice that you have created in QuickBooks, or create one that you wish to be e-mailed or saved as a file.

At the top left corner of the screen, select "File," then select "Save as PDF."

This is where you can create a folder to house your saved PDF invoices (or select the default save location that QuickBooks provides). You can then organise the invoices by folder per month or quarter or customise the folder to your own company's needs. If you choose to create a new file, right-click on the "Save File" box and select "Create New Folder."

In the file name box, you can create the name of your file. You can pick something like the invoice number, company name of the customer or PO number. Hit "Save."

Open your preferred e-mail client (if you are using this method, you can also send invoices via Web-based e-mail providers such as Hotmail or Gmail). Create an e-mail that you would like to send to your client and attach the recently created PDF invoice.


  • This method of saving invoices is also useful when your e-mail client is not working with upgrades and reinstalls. This can be a common problem when upgrading QuickBooks software.


  • If you prefer to send invoices in a faster manner, you can simply resort to using the default name that QuickBooks creates for invoicing. Because it creates a temporary file, however, the PDF will be lost the next time a new invoice is created.

Things Needed

  • QuickBooks 2003 or higher