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How long does it take PayPal to transfer to a bank account?

If you have a PayPal account, you can use PayPal to shop online, receive payments or transfer money to anyone who has an e-mail address.

You can also transfer some or all of the money in your PayPal account to your bank account. For times when you want your money faster, PayPal offers other ways to get access as well.

Linking Your Bank Account

Before making a transfer from PayPal to a bank account, you must first link the account to PayPal. After logging in to PayPal, click on "Profile." At this point, different customers will see different screens as PayPal changes their system.

If you see "Bank Accounts," click on that, and then on "Add Bank." If you see "My Money," click on it; then click on "Add my bank" under "Bank Accounts." Next enter the information for your bank account in either case. Confirm your information, or click "Continue" and then confirm, depending on your screen.

Once you finish, the linking is instantaneous if you have online banking. Otherwise, you must wait a few days for the link to become active.

Making a Transfer

When you transfer money from PayPal to your bank account by a regular withdrawal, PayPal states that the money will arrive in your account in three or four business days. First, log in to your account at

Click on the "Withdraw" button, and then click on "Transfer to Bank Account."

Enter the amount you wish to transfer. Click on "Continue," and then on "Submit."

Checking for Arrival of Your Funds

Check online whether the bank has received your funds and counts them as available before attempting to write a check or withdraw them.

If you do not bank online, check by phone, at the ATM or in person.

Since PayPal only counts business days in the two to three days estimated arrival time, weekends and holidays may delay your funds. Occasionally, your funds may arrive sooner.

Using a PayPal Debit Card

If you cannot wait for three or four days for your PayPal money to arrive in your bank, you can access your funds with a PayPal debit card.

If you do not have one, apply online for the card using the link in Resources. Wait for your card to arrive in the mail. Then you can make purchases with the card anywhere you can use MasterCard, with a limit of £1,950 daily.

Making Cash Withdrawals by Debit Card

You can also use your PayPal debit card to withdraw £260 in cash from your PayPal account each day at an ATM. Once you have the cash in hand, deposit it in a bank account if you wish. You will pay a fee of 60p for an ATM withdrawal in the United States.

If you need to sign for a withdrawal, PayPal charges £1.90. Foreign ATM withdrawals require an additional 1 per cent fee plus a 2.5 per cent fee if PayPal converts currencies.