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Corporate service manager job description

The individual roles of a corporate service manager may vary from company to company, but some of the roles are universal across all industries.

For instance, a corporate service manager has general administration, human resource and statutory responsibilities to ensure the continuous and successful functionality of the company. If you are considering applying for a job as a corporate service manager, knowing more about the job may solidify your decision.


The corporate service manager is accountable to the director; this director is an individual who leads a specific department within a business or is the director of the entire company. By collaborating with the director, reporting to him and relaying his orders to the staff, the corporate service manager has an active role in improving the overall functionality of the business.


The responsibilities of a corporate service manager lie on executive and institutional levels. The service manager must work closely with human resources management to ensure that proper procedures are being followed and that staff satisfaction is achieved. The manager must also work closely with all executive colleagues to create organizational and strategic planning that involves performance monitoring, keeping programs within the company budget and building partnerships.

It is also the responsibility of the corporate service manager to implement a communications strategy and a resourcing strategy that stabilises funding for individual programs. Risk management and team leadership are also areas that virtually all corporate service managers must engage in.


Statutory duties are another area in which a service manager for a corporation may need to step in. This area involves such tasks as certifying bylaws and other documents, ensuring that access to records is granted to all committees and municipalities as required by law, administering declarations and oaths, and ensuring that meeting minutes are kept correctly for accurate record keeping.


To qualify as a corporate service manager, the minimum of a bachelor's degree is acceptable, preferably in business or management. Business experience, superior written and verbal communication skills, excellent computer, project management and organizational skills, the ability to multitask, ability to meet deadlines and to work with numbers and budgets are all important. Moreover, the candidate must possess professional demeanour and marketing skills, be motivational and able to manage and implement personnel programs.


Benefits include corporate paid relocation if you are hired from outside of the company's local area, insurance, bonuses, vacation time, corporate perks and competitive pay.

The salary depends on the size of the company, the company's revenue and various other factors that are unique to the company you are applying to. Some corporations pay £65,000 or more for a manager of corporate services. They may also provide such benefits as a company car, premier parking, extended vacations and even incentive housing.