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How to create a vacation leave spreadsheet

Tracking employee vacation leave can become tedious when managing many employees.

Having a spreadsheet that contains each employee's vacation hours for the year helps track how many hours have been used and how many are left. Breaking it down by month also helps manage coverage.

For example, if there are a few employees taking a vacation in June, then you can determine the appropriate coverage that will be needed and plan ahead. Learn how to create a vacation leave spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel by following a few simple steps.

Open a new workbook in Microsoft Excel. Click on the office button and select "New."

Type "Vacation" in the search field and hit "Enter." Double-click on "Employee absence tracker." Fill in the information for the year, company name and supervisor name.

Enter the name of each employee and fill in the number of vacation and medical hours that have been used for each month. The total used column will automatically populate with the total number of hours that have been used.

Enter the total amount of vacation and medical leave hours the employee has for the year in column P. Column Q for total hours left will automatically populate by subtracting hours used from the total number of hours allocated.