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Creative Manager Job Description

Creative managers are responsible for the direction of a company's visual brand.

They develop the strategy for marketing and public relations for a business or group, and ensure that other employees in the creative department work to support that goal. A creative manager position is an important part or a marketing or advertising team.


A creative manager is in charge of a creative department, which may include graphic designers, advertising project managers, freelancers, copywriters, and other supporting employees.

The creative manager is in charge of directing the creative efforts of a department or company, which may include graphic design, marketing, promotions, advertising, and public relations. He or she is often the final word when it comes to branding and design activities for a company. In addition, the creative manager will often be responsible for training new employees.


Depending on the size of a company, creative managers may be hired for the entire organisation or for individual areas. In the case that a business has separate departments for marketing, advertising, and public relations, separate creative managers will often be hired for each group, and will all report to an overall creative director.

For very large corporations, creative managers are often in charge of a single team that handles one aspect of a single product or series. In that case, they may be required to collaborate with other managers and creative teams.


Often, creative managers have experience in graphic design, art directing, advertising, or marketing.

They must be proficient in industry standard design and web publishing programs; frequently, expertise in Adobe Creative Suite is a requirement. A successful candidate for a creative manager position usually has at least five years of experience and is well-versed in the training, management, and creative direction of staff. Most positions require at least a bachelor's degree in marketing, communications, advertising, or a related field.

Brand Development

One of the main responsibilities of a creative manager is to maintain the integrity of a company's brand; for new companies, he or she may be required to create the brand.

In every effort, from media campaigns to collateral material development to sales presentations, the creative manager must ensure that the visual aspects each new piece are consistent with company brand standards. He or she must update a company's brand manual to ensure that it covers new technologies and strategies.


According to, the salary for a creative manager ranges from £28,372 to £49,884, which accounts for bonuses and profit sharing. Many creative managers also have access to fringe benefits, including health insurance and retirement fund matching.