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What are credit references on a rental application?

Many rental applications ask for credit references.

These are intended to provide information to a prospective landlord regarding your payment history and reliability. This information helps the landlord determine your viability as a tenant.


Credit references can make a case for your reliability. They can help illustrate that you pay your bills on time or that you do not have a history of bounced checks.


Credit references can include your bank, credit card companies, car loan provider, previous landlords or rent-to-own accounts.


When providing credit references, select accounts for which you can show a long-standing history. The longer the account has been open and in good standing, the more weight it will hold in review.


You will need to provide the name of your bank or lender, its address, phone number and the name of your account representative. You may also be asked for the length of the loan or the date you opened the account.


If a credit reference requests that you provide an account number, do so with caution. Supplying your account number to anyone can leave you open to the possibility of identity theft because you cannot guarantee the security of your information.