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Customer Complaint Manager Job Description

Customer complaints managers are responsible for monitoring, understanding and trying to reduce the amount of customer complaints a company receives.

Sometimes referred to as customer relations managers and customer relationship managers, customer complaint managers often oversee a team of customer service representatives and are usually found working alongside the operations managers, according Call Center Helper. Customer complaint managers can be found working in a range of sectors from retail to business-to-business sales.


As customer complaints managers hold senior roles within organisations, they are usually required to have at least a bachelor’s degree. Employers often look for those with a bachelor’s degree in business, business administration or business management, according to College Crunch.

Customer service experience is also required, which can be gained either through previous work experience or an internship program. Previous management experience is also beneficial, according to College Crunch, when trying to secure work as a customer complaints manager.


Because customer complaints managers are responsible for overseeing a team of workers, they must possess strong leadership qualities. Excellent interpersonal skills are also required when dealing with members of staff and customers. Problem solving skills, multitasking and coaching skills are also important, according to College Crunch.

A customer complaints manager should be able to suggest new ways of working to employees and must possess an enthusiastic and motivational attitude. As much of the role involves working at a computer and monitoring statistics, candidates must be computer literate.


The responsibilities of a customer complaint manager varies depending on his level of experience and place of employment.

Call Center Helper lists typical day-to-day tasks as providing recommendations to changes in complaints procedures, monitoring customer services workers and understanding a customer’s complete journey throughout a company. College Crunch notes that customer complaints managers should assist junior workers with more complex problems and reconcile data.


Those working as a customer complaints manager may at times find the role stressful because they are constantly dealing with irate customers. However, the prospect of helping customers, finding new ways to limit the amount of customer complaints and providing a better service to customers can also be potentially very rewarding.


Salaries for customer complaint managers vary depending on level or responsibility, industry, location and employer. However, Indeed lists the average annual salary of a customer complaints manager as £30,550 in July 2010.