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How to Delete a PayPal Limited Account

PayPal is an easy way to send and receive money online for business and personal use. If you're buying or selling on sites such as eBay or Etsy.com, PayPal can make the exchange of goods and money smooth and simple. Sometimes, however, a PayPal account will become "limited," impeding your ability to spend money or accept it. The frustration can lead to the desire to delete your PayPal account.

Log into your PayPal account. Click the "Resolution Center" tab and look at the list of personal information PayPal requires of you. Sometimes all that PayPal needs to remove limits from your account is to verify your bank information, but in some cases it may require personal information such as address verification or business information.

Scan, mail or fax your information to PayPal so the company can complete its additional security measures. The Resolution Center specifies where to send the information.

Wait for the limit to be lifted. This may take a few days.

Log into your PayPal account and click "Profile" under the "My Account" tab.

Choose the "More Options" link.

Under "Account Information," click "Close Account."


If you have outstanding balances, pending authorisations or limitations, your account cannot be closed. Be sure your account is in good standing before closing it.

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