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What is the risk management for beauty salons?

No matter what kind of business you start, there are risks involved, whether from potential accidents, theft, fire or other factors. Beauty salons are no exception; with their heavy reliance on electrical appliances and chemicals, they carry a specific set of risks. As the owner or manager of a salon, having a risk management plan in place to reduce potential damages to your business, clients and employees is crucial.

Fire Risk

Because salons use so many electrical devices and chemical products, such as hairdryers, multiple electrical sockets and even styling products, salon owners must protect their businesses from fire. Owners and managers should store flammable chemical products such as aerosol sprays as directed by the product's label. Keep them in a locked, flameproof cabinet away from heaters, boilers, light fixtures or other heat sources. Place flammable waste outside for immediate trash pickup, or store it in flameproof waste bins with lids. Smoking should be prohibited near these areas. Finally, inspect electrical sockets and equipment frequently and ensure recommended maintenance and inspections are performed on schedule and by qualified electricians. Have designated escape routes mapped and displayed, and discuss employee protocol in the case of a fire.

Slips and Falls

Beauty salons have high potential for accidents; water and hair clippings on the floors can cause slips, and improperly performed chemical treatments can pose health risks to clients and employees. Keep floors free of water and hair and ensure stylists sweep their individual areas frequently and repair any damages to floors that could cause clients or employees to trip. Keep a first-aid kit on hand, and see that your salon is well lit.

Chemical and Other Treatment Risks

Chemical and heat treatments can potentially harm both clients and salon staff. When delivering specialised services, ensure that they are performed by qualified staff trained in how to properly use chemicals and heat treatments. Remind your staff to ask clients about potential allergies and medical issues prior to beginning a treatment; customers should be made aware of potential risks of any treatment as well. Require employees to wear protective gloves when working with chemicals; dermatitis, which causes red, itchy skin, is a common health problem endured by salon employees. Properly educate employees on this risk, and see that they wear gloves and use chemical products according to directions.

Other General Risks

As with any other business, beauty salons should be protected from natural disasters and theft. If your salon is in a high flood risk area, prepare a flood plan and educate employees. Secure necessary flood prevention tools such as sandbags. Keep gutters, roofs and walls in good repair in case of storms. To protect your salon from theft, use sturdy locks on doors and windows, avoid keeping cash in your salon after hours, keep expensive items concealed in closets overnight, and install a security system including an alarm and cameras.